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Downloading Knowledge Capture Pro™

These are first-time-only steps for downloading Knowledge Capture Pro.


3. (optional) Some users may see "Windows protected your PC".

Windows Defender SmartScreen sometimes requires your confirmation. If you see such a message, click "More Info". Make sure that "Teamwork Evaluation and Modeling, Inc." is the Publisher of the app.

4. Click on "Run" or "Run anyway".

The installer window may be behind the browser, but you should see its icon in the bottom taskbar. When you see the installer, accept the license agreement, and click "Next". The installer will install Knowledge Capture Pro, and then it runs automatically. After a moment, you should see the Knowledge Capture Pro sign in window.


The download will then take a minute or two.

3. Open the new disk named "Knowledge Capture Pro".

if you're viewing in icon mode, you may see this:

Drag "Knowledge Capture" to "Applications". If you've installed it before, you may see a warning that you're going to replace it with this version. If that appears, Click "Replace".

4. Launch "Knowledge Capture".

Find it in your Applications folder. Select it while holding down the "control" key, then choose "Open" from the menu.

5. You may see one of these dialogs:


Click "Open". After a moment, you should see the Knowledge Capture Pro sign in window.

Sorry, but Knowledge Capture Pro is only supported on Windows or macOS.
For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions

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