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Frequently Asked Questions
Downloading Knowledge Capture Pro™

I see messages such as "Windows protected your PC" or "This application is not commonly downloaded". What do these messages mean?

It means our software is not well-known to Microsoft compared to large companies such as Google, Apple, etc. (including Microsoft). When you click on "More info", you will see that "" is the publisher of the application. Click "Open anyway" or "Run".

I think I've downloaded and installed the software. How do I run it?

In the search box in the lower left corner, start typing "Knowledge Capture Pro". You should see it with its icon. Select it and you're up and running!

I tried to run Knowledge Capture Pro™, but it says it can't be opened because it's from an "unidentified developer," or else it says it was downloaded from the Internet and asks me if I want to open it. What do these messages mean?

These messages are just Apple's way of warning you that you didn't get our software from the Apple Store. The message shows "" which is our registered domain. Do this: Find "Knowledge Capture Pro" in your Applications folder. Select it while holding down the "control" key, then choose "Open" from the menu. You only have to do this once.

On what computers can I run Knowledge Capture Pro™?

Knowledge Capture Pro™ is fully tested on both Windows and macOS operating systems. Your browser should choose the right installer for you.

How do I get a user id and password to use Knowledge Capture Pro?

Go to the download page to request a user id and password.

Does Knowledge Capture Pro™ require a license fee?

No, but if you use it for sponsored research or for commercial purposes, you are expected to pay a royalty fee to the University of Alabama in Huntsville, which owns the copyrighted software. For further information, contact Harry Delugach <>

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